Are Bed Bugs Giving You Nightmares?

Are you getting itchy bites on the exposed areas of your body at night? Are there blood spots or smears on your bed?

Can you see black insects that are very, very small?

Tried every DIY solution for bed bugs but still can’t get rid of them?

Bed bugs are one of the hardest bugs to kill, so get the best bed bugs exterminator in Singapore to get rid of your nightmare!

Sleep peacefully knowing that bed bugs professionals who have dealt with hundreds of similar cases are handling the situation!

Get Professional Treatment For Your Bed Bug Problem Now!

Professional Bed Bug Treatment and Extermination In Singapore

Our Bed Bug Treatment and Pest Control Process

Inspection & Assessment

Our highly trained and experienced bed bugs control professionals will first do an on site survey to assess and identify the high risk areas and extent of the problem. We examine every mattress, crevice, bed frame, item and corner of the room. We look out for clusters of bed bugs where they hide and reproduce.

Exterminating Bed Bugs With Chemicals

We use the best NEA-approved chemicals to get rid of bed bugs. As they are very difficult to track and locate, we will be applying chemicals to the bed, room and belongings to eradicate these monsters. When the bed bugs come into contact with these chemicals, they will die. These chemicals are safe and will not leave stains or odours on your property.

Using Heat To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

We also use heat to kill bed bugs, especially those hiding deep inside mattresses.

Constant Monitoring and Follow Up

The bed bugs treatment process will take a few weeks, to factor in the life cycle of the bed bug. These bed bugs might lay eggs that take a few weeks to hatch. Hence, we will need to come back for follow up treatment for a complete eradication.

Why Choose Us

Professional and Experienced Pest Control

We have a well trained team that is able to handle any situation and will respond quickly. We continuously upgrade our skills and equipment to ensure we use the most advanced termites control treatment methods.

Certified By NEA

Our team has achieved the highest qualifications and we only use Singapore government approved chemicals.

Premium Equipment and Chemicals

We use high grade chemicals and equipment that will get the job done in the quickest possible time and have the best and long lasting results.

Warranty Period

Warranty period to ensure 100% satisfaction

Prevent Bed Bugs With These Easy Steps

Clean & Hygienic

Keep your home clean and hygienic by regularly cleaning it and disposing of any old and dirty items.

Killing bed bugs with heat

Washing your clothes or bedsheets with hot water above 60 degrees will help in killing these pests.

Check Your Pets

These bed bugs might even find a place to hide in your pet's fur. Check their fur thoroughly to ensure no bugs are hiding.

Check for bed bugs when travelling

When staying at new hotel rooms, be sure to check the bed for red or rust coloured spots or streaks on the bed sheet. Holidays

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Frequently Asked Questions

Insecticides can be used to kill bed bugs when applied directly to these pests. However, the challenge is to locate these bugs and their eggs which can be hiding in cracks and crevices or even deep in mattresses.

Bed bugs are transferred by surface contact. Humans, pets or your belongings are common carriers of bed bugs. Even 5 star hotels can be infested with bed bugs. 

Check the common hiding spots like mattress, bed frames, sofas and belongings. Use a flashlight and carefully comb through every single item and kill as many as you can find to prevent them reproducing and laying eggs.

Seek professional help if the situation persists, or just to prevent the bed bugs from spreading to other rooms.

Avoid buying second hand items and clothes, or check them carefully for any bed bugs before bringing them home.

Keep your home and room clean by washing and cleaning regularly.

Check and wipe your luggages thoroughly after a holiday.

During the bed bugs treatment process, we use premium chemicals that are approved for use by NEA in Singapore and tested to be safe for children, pets and the elderly.

The chemicals we use are odourless and doesn’t leave any stains.

Yes. Just do it. This is to prevent spreading of the pests to other parts of the house.