How To Kill White Ants

Despite the name commonly used in Singapore, white ants are the same thing as termites. They have a long lifespan with the queen of the colony living for as long as fifty years. If you’d like to know our techniques for how to kill white ants, read on.

This is a white ant, or in other words termite. They’re called the same thing.

Unfortunately, this particular pest is fairly common in Singapore. Depending on the specifics of the area where your home is located, this can be an issue at any time of the year. You will need to take the steps necessary to eliminate an infestation and kill white ants in your home as quickly as possible.

Before you attempt to handle the situation by yourself, you need to strongly consider calling a white ant professional.

How do white ants operate?

This type of ant lives in a colony. The ants that lay the eggs are the queens, the workers are the sterile females and the males with the shorter lives. The white ants on wood, in your garden or your kitchen are the workers.

As they move around your home, they leave chemical messages to communicate with the rest of the colony. You will be unable to see or smell the chemical messages although they will be around for a long time. This is how the other ants know where to find the food.

During the spring season in Singapore, wings will be developed by the ants.

The wings enable the ants to fly so they can find shelter and food in new locations. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the seriousness of an infestation in your home.

If you believe these ants are living in your home, you need to do everything possible to eliminate them before they cause too much damage. A lot of people have attempted to get rid of them only to give up and call a professional to kill white ants in the end. This is because any type of termite is extremely difficult to kill. According to the EPA, termites cause billions worth of damage every year.

Signs of an Infestation in Your Home

Damaged and splintered wooden stairs caused by white ants. A good reason to kill white ants.
Given enough time, white ants can damage your stairs or other wooden furniture this badly. This is why white ants need to be eradicated as quickly as possible.

One of the signs your home has been infested are noises coming from inside of your walls. White ants that are in a precarious position shake or bang their heads against the wall to signal danger.

The workers are the ones who will consume your wood. Sometimes, you can hear white ants feeding on wood, if you listen carefully as they are noisy eaters. If you do not hear anything, it does not mean they are not in your home and you can simply ignore the problem.

In Singapore, sometimes opening doors and windows can be quite difficult due to the hot and damp weather. However, it can also be caused by warped windows. \Warped doors and stiff windows may also mean the pests are feeding on your home.

So, why does the wood warp?

They produce moisture while they are tunnelling through your window and door frames. This will cause your wood to start to warp. This makes it hard to open your windows and doors. The most obvious sign is when you actually see white ants on wood. The tunnels they make are very hard to see from the outside of the wood.

If you see any broken pieces of wood in or close to your home, the chances are good your home has become infested. In some cases, you may not see any signs of white ants, but that may mean that they are simply good at concealing themselves.

If your wood looks warped, weakened or damaged in any way, it may point to white ants creating tunnels in them.

How would a professional treat my home for white ants?

Professionals use a wide variety of equipment to detect activity and tunnels in your wood. In order to determine the best treatment for your specific situation, they must be certain how bad the infestation has become. Another sign is the droppings you may see around your home or in your cupboards.

The first thing a professional will do is look for droppings. There may also be a powdery substance around the infested areas. This is a sign they have been tunneling through the wood in your home.

White ant profesional checks for termite droppings in order to kill white ants.
How a white ant removal professional checks for termite droppings – they sift through wood chips and broken furniture to check for the characteristic droppings.

How to Kill White Ants

There are different methods to kill white ants in Singapore. Your first step is determining where the white ants are coming from. If you find traces of them in numerous areas throughout your home, you need to call a professional as soon as possible.

Once an infestation reaches a certain point, you will not be able to get rid of them without professional help. If the infestation is still small, there are steps you can take. Begin by making certain there is no dirt, spills or crumbs on your tables, floors or the work surfaces in your kitchen.

Sweep up or mop away any crumbs, as quickly as possible. If you do, there is less of a chance of white ants being able to thrive in your home.

The sugar in the juice will attract the ants. One of the best ways to kill white ants is with dish soap. Use it on all spills in your home. If you keep any food items on your counter including flour, coffee and sugar, you need to put them in containers with tight seals.

Airtight containers are not only chic but also are white ant resistant. For more about the benefits of airtight containers, read about it here.

About the Dishes

Don’t leave any dirty dishes in your sink overnight, even if you feel lazy or too tired to do your dishes. They should always be washed before you retire for the evening. The ants generally come out once it is dark. If there are dirty utensils or dishes in your sink or on your counter, you will not like what you see when you get up in the morning. Make certain your pet’s bowls are washed after they are used and kept clean or they will attract the pests. You can set out bait stations containing boric acid to kill white ants. After you have placed the station, evenly spray your wood using the boric acid. If you need more instructions on how to use boric acid to kill termites/white ants, read our article on killing drywood termites.

The bait will attract the ants. As they arrive they will be killed by the boric acid. You will need to continue applying boric acid to your bait stations on a regular basis. This is a good white ants treatment. These ants will go for wooden mulch before anything else. This is their favourite food source and one of the main contributors for an infestation. If you need to have mulch, move it as great a distance from your home as you possibly can. This will help, but it will not entirely prevent the ants from coming back to your home.

Using temperature to kill white ants

Though temperature can be used to kill white ants (by either raising or lowering the temperature to make the termite habitat a hostile environment for them), it is not easy and difficult to control.

If it is safe to do so, you can start a fire to burn away the pests. You can also try flooding your soil once you know where the ants are coming from. This will effectively eliminate the pests outside because they are unable to swim. As soon as you flood the infested areas with water, they will drown. You can also try using small worms called nematodes. They are natural parasites and will consume nearly every pest in your garden including this type of ant.

Nematodes. Not exactly appetizing looking, but they can eradicate white ants, among other pests.

The nematodes will look for the nests so they can burrow inside of them. They target the larvae to help control the population. This may help stop the pests from damaging your home any further. One of your last choices is to use a natural repellant. This includes cinnamon, citrus, lemon juice and mint tea. You must be certain there is no sugar in what you are using. You can try using numerous plants such as rosemary, clove, bee balm, lavender, garlic and camphor.

Lastly, The Danger of White Ants in Singapore

These pests can cause thousands and thousands of dollars of damage to your home. As your infestation worsens, this damage will occur at a faster rate.

Killing this type of pest is extremely difficult because you may not see the signs around you home until you have a major infestation. This is the reason for having a professional white ant inspection is so important.

Professionals have access to equipment not available to you. This will enable them to detect an infestation even when no signs are visible. The cost of an inspection is a lot less than the potential damage that could be done to your home.

Regular inspections will enable an infestation to be detected and treated while it is still small. This will prevent any major damage to your home. The earlier the infestation is found, the easier it will be to treat. Yes, you can try all of the methods defined above. The problem is if you are not successful, the infestation will only become worse.

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