Are You Facing These Mould Problems?

Do you see black, green or white mould growing on the ceiling, furniture or walls?
Is there a wet and musky smell that you just cannot identify or get rid of?
Constantly coughing or sneezing? Persistent eye irritation?
Do you see other insects like mould mites, booklice or thin long legged spiders?

Our mould removal specialists use superior and effective products specially formulated to combat mould. The mould removal expert will leave your home clean and refreshed!

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Professional Mould Removal Service In Singapore

Our I.D.E.A.S Mold Removal Process

Inspection & Assessment

Our highly trained professionals will first do an on site survey to assess and identify the root cause and extent of the problem. We find out why is there mold in your home or office and what you can do to prevent mould growth before we begin removing mold.

Decontamination Wipedown

After identifying the root cause, we then apply specialised chemical treatment on surface area of mould affected wall/ ceiling / furniture or other areas. This mould removal technique can remove most of the mould growth and kills any living mold.

Anti Bacteria Misting

The spores of mould and fungus often grow in cracks and crevices of walls, ceilings, curtains and furniture. We destroy these spores on a molecular level by applying NEA approved industrial chemicals which effectively removes mould. This also sanitises the area and kills other bacteria and germs.

Air Scrubbing

We also remove airborne spores which cause allergies symptoms like coughing, sneezing and eye irritation. This results in cleaner air and is a longer term prevention against another mould attack.

Why Choose Us

Quick and Professional

We have a well trained team that is able to handle any situation and will respond quickly. We continuously upgrade our skills and equipment to ensure best service.

Certified By NEA

Our team has achieved the highest qualifications and we only use Singapore government approved chemicals.

Premium Equipment and Chemicals

We use high grade chemicals and equipment that will get the job done in the quickest possible time and have the best and long lasting results.

Warranty Period

Warranty period to ensure 100% satisfaction

What Are The Signs Of Mould Growth?

Black, Green or White Mould

Do you see black, green or white mold growing on your ceiling or furniture? Tried removing the mold by wiping it off but keeps coming back? Or are the mould stains too black and stubborn to be wiped off?

Unpleasant or Musky Odour

Is there a wet or musky smell in the room? Or a bad smell that you just cannot get rid of? This is a tell tale sign of mould growth!

Eye Irritation or Coughing

Are you or your family members constantly coughing or sneezing? Or have persistant eye irritation? This could be due to the mould spores in the air triggering sinus or asthma attacks, especially for young kids or the elderly.

Pests Like Booklice and Spiders

Do you see mold mites (really small black insects), booklice, spiders or lizards? That is another sign of mould in your home or office as insects feed on mould which cause them to reproduce rapidly.

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What's Our Clients Say

Many clients had mould problems for a long time before hiring a professional mould removal service. All of them agreed that they should have hired us first!

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If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.

Pascal Haas

When I moved to Singapore, I was surprised at how moldy my ceiling and bathroom would get. Glad to hire Zenith Lab to give me peace of mind and a clean home!

mould removal expert customer review
Hui Lin

Zenith Lab really are the mould removal specialists in Singapore! Had some issues with previous vendors but Zenith managed to solve my problems easily.

Carmen Tan

Finally my home is mould free!! Tried many things which didn’t work. Had to hire the mould removal professionals as a last resort. Should have hired them first!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Painting over affected areas merely masks the problem and does not deal with it properly. The most important step is to identify WHY is there mould growing. If mould can grow once, it means that the current conditions are ripe and it is likely to grow back.

We always recommend cleaning up the mould before painting over with an oil based sealant and anti mould paint, to ensure that it has been killed.

In Singapore, the leading cause of mold on a  bathroom ceiling is showering with warm water and not ventilating the washroom adequately afterwards. The warm water creates steam which rises to the ceiling, providing moisture for mold to grow.

That’s why you commonly see black mold stains on your bathroom ceiling. Many people mistake it for dirt, but ceilings don’t collect dust and you can see insects such as lice and mites feeding on the mould.

To prevent mold on bathroom ceiling, open the windows and door of the bathroom as much as possible to ventilate and dry the washroom.

Water leakage, a damaged aircon or lack of aircon servicing which causes higher than normal humidity levels are some of the common reasons why mould can occur in offices.
To prevent this, service the aircon regularly and check if the humidity levels are correct.

When we do the physical decontamination for mould cleaning, we will try our best to remove as much of the stains as possible. However, if the mould has been there for a long time, it’s not possible to remove the stains as the paint or wall has already been permanently damaged. We do recommend painting over AFTER we do the mould removal.

Yes, we use premium chemicals that are approved and tested to be safe for children, pets and the elderly.

Dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air, which reduces the humidity levels in the room. By removing moisture, the environment is not conducive for mould to grow.

The cost of professional mold removal treatment varies widely according to how bad the situation is. Get a free quotation now!

Mold in Singapore just needs a few days to grow, as Singapore has very humid and wet weather which makes it easy to mould to grow on walls and ceilings. Once the conditions are ripe, mould can grow in 2-3 days.

Mould on walls typically occurs when the aircon is blowing directly against the wall. This causes the wall to be colder than usual and condensation occurs on the wall.

Some Common Examples of Mould

Do you see these at home or in the office? Get professional help before the problem gets worse!