Dehumidifier ND328 with 3 Years Full Warranty


Combat unpredictable weather changes with the newly configured novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier ND328. Extracting up to 20 litres a day and producing up to 20 million negative ions per cm3, this dehumidifier helps absorb moisture from your damp laundry effectively to speed up the drying process while also eliminating unpleasant musty odour and airborne germs all at the same time. Keeping the surrounding humidity in check, ND328 is a compact and energy-efficient unit that uses just 255 watts. Equipped with more features: Preferred Humidity Settings, Programmable Timer, Rotary Compressor and Easy Roll Castors, you can depend on this functional unit to assist your everyday laundry drying, regardless of rain or shine!

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Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (W x D x H) – 346 mm x 242 mm x 590 mm
Empty Weight – 13.2 kg
Rated Power – 255 Watts
Max. Power – 355 Watts
Extraction (30°C, 90% RH) – 20 litres/ day
Tank Capacity – 4.0 litres
Running Temperature – 5 – 35 °C
Compressor – Rotary
Coolant – R-134A
Air Flow – Low: 160 m3 /hr, High: 190 m3 /hr, Dry: 225 m3 /hr

► LaundryFresh™ Series
► Semi-Permanent Built-In Ionizer
► Auto Humidity Sensor
► Preferred Humidity Setting
► Auto Stop with Full Tank Indication
► Prog. Timer
► Power Efficiency
► Childlock Function
► Continuous Drainage Option
► Oscillating Air Outlet;
► Continuous Air Circulation
► Rotary Compressor
► Easy Roll Castors;
► Pre-Filter Screen
► Enhanced Dual Mesh Activated Carbon Filter
► Sleek & Handy Design

Product Accessory:
► 1 x PVC Hose (15 mm inner diameter)
► LaundryFresh™ Accessory Pack (Optional)
– 12 x Enhanced Dual Mesh Activated Carbon Filter*
Suggested Replacement: 2 Months*
– 1 x AirCare™ Air Sterilizer NAS300 (Mystic White)


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