PuriDry™ 2-In-1 Dehumidifier ND2000 with HEPA Air Purification, comes with FOC Filter Pack


Doubling the protection with its dual functions, novita PuriDry™ 2-In-1 dehumidifier ND2000 is equipped with HEPA Air Purification that can both dehumidify and purify the air at the same time. Powered by a DC brushless motor system and a rotary compressor, ND2000 can extract up to 20 litres of excess moisture per day. Also, its PuriPRO™ filtration system includes a semi-permanent built-in ionizer that produces up to 20 million negative ions/cm3 to keep airborne contaminants at bay. Easily keep updated with the real-time air quality from the 5 chemical pollutant index colour indicators and digital humidity display. More desirable features include 4 programmed modes – Manual, Auto, Laundry Drying and Sleep, 5 fan speed settings and 4 litre water tank capacity. Offering a friendlier user experience, the unit is also equipped with a timer function, filter replacement indicator, continuous drainage function and easy roll castors which allow you to manoeuvre the unit from room to room. Keep the surrounding humidity in check and breathe comfortably in an allergen-free living environment all year around with novita PuriDry™ 2-In-1 dehumidifier ND2000 today, every day for you and your loved ones!

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Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (W x D x H) – 343 mm x 300 mm x 617 mm
Empty Weight – 15 kgs
Dehumidification Rated Power – 310 Watts
Dehumidification Max. Power – 370 Watts
Tank Capacity – 4.0 litres
Running Temperature – 5 – 35 °C
Coolant – R -134A


► PuriDry™ Series
► 2-In-1 Dehumidifier with HEPA Air Purification
► 4 Programmed Modes

► Childlock Function
► Oscillating Air Outlet
► Fan Speed Setting Option
► Timer Function
► Semi-Permanent Built-In Ionizer
► Auto Humidity Sensor
► Room Humidity / Temperature Display
► Filter Replacement Indicator

► Auto-Shut Off with Full Tank Indicator
► Defrost Mode
►Continuous Drainage Option
► Pre-Filter Screen
► Continuous Drainage Option
► Rotary Compressor
► Easy Roll Castors

Product Accessory
*Based on average 8 hours a day, 7 days a week usage under normal domestic indoor environment.

► 1 x PVC Hose (12 mm inner diameter)
► PuriPRO® Filter – Cool Catalyst + Granular Activated Carbon + 99.97% True HEPA – Suggested 12 months* Replacement (Approx., 3,000 hours)


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