Are Termites Destroying Your Home?

Is your wooden furniture or flooring getting eaten up? Or is there mud tunnels on your property or tunnels inside your funiture?

Do you see discarded wings from “flying ants” all over the place?

Do you hear tapping, clicking or rustling sound from your wooden furniture or floor?

Does your wooden furniture feel hollow or make a hollow sound?

We are termite pest control specialists in Singapore and we use the latest technology to control termites effectively and safely. 

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Professional Termite Pest Control Service In Singapore

Our Termite Treatment and Control Process

Inspection & Assessment

Our highly trained and experienced termites control professionals will first do an on site survey to assess and identify the high risk areas and extent of the problem. We use thermal scanners to identify the location and species of the termites (subterranean or drywall)

Exterminating Termites with Bait

Once we identify termite activity, we select the most effective strategy to exterminate these pests. Dusting, baiting, soil treatment and corrective treatment are commonly used termite treatment and control methods.. For example, we start laying bait laced with poison for the termites. The worker ants will bring this poison back to the rest of the colony, killing the entire colony without causing further damage to your property. This advanced process can take a few weeks to complete, but it is the safest and most effective method of termites control in Singapore.

Termiticide Treatment

Termiticide is creates a treated barrier around your property which protects it against termites. This termiticide is injected into the ground by our experienced and well trained technicians.

Constant Monitoring and Follow Up

Throughout the termite treatment process which can take weeks to complete, our termite control experts will regularly come to your property to ensure the termite colony is eradicated and don't come back.

Why Choose Us

Professional and Experienced Pest Control

We have a well trained team that is able to handle any situation and will respond quickly. We continuously upgrade our skills and equipment to ensure we use the most advanced termites control treatment methods.

Certified By NEA

Our team has achieved the highest qualifications and we only use Singapore government approved chemicals.

Premium Equipment and Chemicals

We use high grade chemicals and equipment that will get the job done in the quickest possible time and have the best and long lasting results.

Warranty Period

Warranty period to ensure 100% satisfaction

What Are The Signs Of Termites?

Damage to Wooden Furniture

Do you see mud tunnels around your furniture or property? Is your furniture disintegrating or breaking easily?

Discarded Wings

Is there a lot of insect wings? These are wings from termite scouts that fly around to look for new places to build their nests.

Rattling or tapping sounds inside walls

These are the sounds of worker termites scurrying around, carrying food back to their colony. Or it could be the worker ants banging their heads on the wood to alert other ants of danger.

Termite Droppings

Is there termite droppings around holes that act as entrances to their tunnels and colony?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spraying insecticide is an ineffective method of termites control in Singapore. DO NOT spray insecticides or try to kill them physically as this will alarm the worker termite ants and cause them to create new tunnels to escape, which will damage your property further. They might also go into hiding which makes it much harder to find and eliminate them.

In Singapore, we have one of the most destructive species of termites in the world. These termites feed on wood to digest it to simpler sugars and bring it back to their colony and queen ant.
Termite ants can be found eating wooden furniture in HDB homes, private and landed property.

Water leakage, damp or moist conditions provide the right environment for these ant species to grow and build a nest.

Seek professional termite treatment control quickly before further damage is done and the termite colony grows bigger. 
When detected early, it is much easier to eradicate and control the termite infestation. Do not try to spray insecticide to kill the termites as the ants will go into hiding and build new tunnels, further increasing the damage to your property.

During the termites treatment process, we use premium chemicals that are approved for use in Singapore and tested to be safe for children, pets and the elderly.